PORTRAIT & WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER serving Raleigh & Wilmington north carolina

Hi! I'm Sarah!

I serve the joyful, fun and adventurous while capturing moments in time for generations to come. 

My Heart Behind the Camera

My heart is all in it with you - I want to connect with you and cheer you on throughout life’s biggest moments. I want you to feel amazing and unbelievably confident in your own skin. I love seeing clients become comfortable not only with me, but in front of the camera too! I want to become lifelong friends and see your story continue to unfold long after your session. 

you can usually catch me snacking


i don't like rides that make my stomach drop


i love the beach and could spend the entire day watching the waves


I love Italian food and binge worthy TV shows


I'm split right down the middle as an introvert and extrovert


I don't like starbucks coffee but love the birthday cake pops


Fun Facts About Sarah Elizabeth

All throughout middle and high school I was constantly asked the BIG question: What do you want to do when you grow up? My answer? I have no idea! And I truly didn't. That was until one day I decided *I thought* I would like photography. I still have no idea what prompted that thought, but I knew I wanted to try it. I convinced myself I needed fancy equipment and asked my parents to buy me a $500 camera (with absolutely no experience!) Of course they said no and looking back, I'm so glad they did! If they had handed me this huge expensive camera that I had no idea how to use, I probably would have panicked! 

How It Began

Once I got over the initial heartbreak of them saying no, I saved up to get a smaller, and way cheaper point and shoot camera so I could give photography a try. I still remember the first time I took pictures of another person. I had a friend over one day and randomly said "Hey, this might be weird but can I take some pictures of you?" And she said YES! I haven't put the camera down since and I have loved every minute of the journey so far. While my work, the equipment, and the person behind the camera have improved since those days, I am so thankful for all the people who gave me a chance and trusted me in the beginning. They helped lay the foundation for this business of mine and I am forever  thankful.