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I know, I know, Aaron and I were just up here on the blog BUT we got in front of the camera again and got to be a bit more creative which I thought was SO fun! Even though this was back in July, it 100% deserved a spot on the blog! I’m so thankful […]

I think we can all agree these three were straight from a fairytale! These images are just proof! Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC proved to be a stunning backdrop for their July family session. We walked around the park, found the most beautiful light and brought the Aguilar Family’s vision to life! I love working […]

Jess and Jesus are one of my favorite couples to work with! I graduated with both of them and they just celebrated their 6 YEAR anniversary! How amazing is that? When we planned this shoot, I had the intention of shooting at a new location in Raleigh. Jess agreed and we set a plan. Thank […]

It’s about time I introduce you guys (officially) to one of my favorite people and one of my biggest blessings! Hopefully you at least recognize me (lol) and this handsome guy is my longtime boyfriend, Aaron! He’s made an appearance on my Instagram page but he hasn’t officially made it on the blog yet! Better […]

One of my absolute FAVORITE sessions to date goes to Sarah & Javi! These two were SO much fun! Sarah & Javi let me try all kinds of crazy and fun poses with them and they laughed with me as I poorly tried to explain the prompts (it can be hard!) These two let my […]

The sun peaked through the clouds as the bride finished getting ready upstairs. It was June 26th and the Tucker House in Downtown Raleigh, stood tall and beautiful in the light as family and friends prepared for the small, intimate ceremony. Caleb, a ball of emotions, waited to see his beautiful bride for the first […]

Safe to say I am now obsessed with in home sessions and mountain top elopements! Before attending this content day I had never done either of these types of sessions so I really wasn’t sure what I was in for. Regardless, I knew I couldn’t wait to start shooting. I’ll be honest, it can be […]

When Christina texted me, I had two thoughts. Who is this and how did they get my number?! Thankfully Christina wasn’t thrown off by my questions (or at least she didn’t seem to be!) We scheduled a session, picked a location and when the day came, they all showed up in perfectly matching outfits! Christina […]

AHHH, the start of the new school year is about to start and I still haven’t blogged these two beauties and their grad session yet?! I would say busy season is kicking my butt but the truth is, I’ve needed a break and it’s been such a blessing to have one before school starts. BUT […]

The world was slowly and quietly awaking. The beginning of the sunrise was peaking over the mountains as the night became day. The world was still and quiet, not a care in sight. A few short hours later, it was just the two of them, right before they became one. Josh was jittery and filled […]

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