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Raven Rock State Park, NC Couples Session

Trying to change outfits in a public state park is not always easy, but boy did we make it work! We might of had shoes and clothes hangers lying around but Levi & Stevie did what they had to!

When Stevie inquired about doing a couples session I was completely on bored and I was even more excited when they choose Raven Rock State Park in Lillington, North Carolina. Now I LOVE adventure, exploring and traveling so I was so excited to go explore Raven Rock. I had never been before so I went the week before our session to look around and see where the best spots were. Raven Rock has gorgeous trails and a beautiful view of the Cape Fear River. But Raven Rock also required a good amount of walking so changing into their second outfit was definitely going to be interesting!

When we started the session, we took a few images in the woods with Stevie and Levi’s sweet fur babies. Thankfully they also brought Stevie’s mom and younger sister to help assist. We all talked as we hiked to Raven Rock’s lookout point where a view of the Cape Fear River is visible with lots of trees surrounding the area.

Stevie and Levi weren’t thrown by any of the people around and they completely trusted me to get great images, even when I asked them to try new poses (including ones that look and feel weird, but end up looking really sweet!)

As we moved to a new area of the park, I found out Levi was the one who suggested they get pictures together since the pair had not had any professional images taken of them before. I thought that was the sweetest thing, especially since not many of the guys I photograph would have thought to do that!

For the second part of their session, Stevie and Levi helped me bring my vision to life! Stevie wore a beautiful, red elegant dress with a slit up the side and Levi wore black dress pants and a white button up shirt. Now it might sound crazy to wear dressy clothes near a big rock in a state park, but once you look at these images, you’ll see what I was envisioning come to life! These two were SO much fun and they had no issues changing at the bottom of a rock in between on coming people (seriously, lol)! We even had to use Stevie’s dress as a cover for Levi to change pants! It was quite a sight (and I have a behind the scenes video to prove it!)

March 20, 2021

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