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Jess & Josh Intimate Mountain Top Elopement | Leatherwood Mountain

The world was slowly and quietly awaking. The beginning of the sunrise was peaking over the mountains as the night became day. The world was still and quiet, not a care in sight. A few short hours later, it was just the two of them, right before they became one. Josh was jittery and filled with nerves, he knew he was about to see his stunning bride. Jess slowly walked over to Josh, touching his shoulder and he turned. Emotion was so clear between the two of them, their love strong, present and ever growing. They shared a few moments together knowing the day was finally here. They were about to walk down the aisle to their forever.

Jess and Josh’s wedding day was filled with so many emotions as they celebrated their love and commitment to each other in a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by family. From bittersweet when the bride’s dad gave her away, to laughter during the ceremony when the pastor swallowed a bug and the bride loudly announced it (had to put that in there Michael!), to the love shared between Jess and Josh.

Oh and we definitely can’t forget about the first “fake” look, when Jess conspired with Josh’s brother to do a first look between the groom and his brother in a dress and veil! The groom had no idea so when he turned around he was stunned! Jess made sure to reassure Josh that she was actually the one behind him before the real first look.

June 30, 2021

  1. Lesia Campbell says:

    Words can’t express how much I love these pictures!! They are amazing.

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